27 October 2010

celula update

remember when I talked about our cell group? well, here we are again to talk about how we've changed/grown. 

Our cell groups started meeting around April I believe... and between then and now... we've moved/grown/changed over and over. We meet on Sunday nights and sing/pray/have a study over scripture together/and also a time of fellowship. This past weekend we decided to have a movie night, to boost fellowship and also have an opportunity to invite friends that we have invited in the past but might be more likely to come spend time with us over a movie. It was so much fun. We ate stove popped popcorn and enjoyed the movie the blind side. At first I was a little nervous we were going to loose the kids attention through the movie... but when a football scene came up they were right there with their nose stuck to the (projected onto a wall) screen. We had a great turnout, and are hoping/praying/looking forward to the group growing to that size on a normal basis!


Anonymous said...

I pray for you frequently. I so happy that God is blessing your célula. Tell Julton hello for me

Julie said...

Thanks Allen! Of course I will, tell your family hello from us! We are excited to see you when you come back :)


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