23 October 2010

tapestry that wall.

yet another apartment post... but aren't you so glad that i am posting again? i went on a writers/bloggers/somethingoranothers block for a while. im not saying im making a comeback, but i'm working on it :)

since we moved into this apartment ever few days... that turned into weeks.. we talk about how we would like to do this or that or paint this or put that up. well, a lot of it hasnt really happen. i think it probably would if we could narrow down so many of our thoughts about what we would like, and actually do something about it. im excited to put our own touch on the white/cream/blotchy walls. with paint and photos and color. we are getting there little by little. im okay with that too. ive always rushed to fast into things. julton is so good for me in that he helps me to slow down to make decisions, so that i dont do things so rash/hastily. hes good for me like that. :) also, between his work schedule and mine... we don't have a lot of quality together time. so we havent made a lot of progress in the decorum department. sad. but like i said little by little we are getting there. im content with that. its amazing how different a bathroom looks when you put a fabric curtain up instead of having only a sheer plastic one, complete bathroom revolution. 
and speaking of room revolutions....

we added something to the living room (slash dining room)!!! it dawned on me that i have all these tapestries (most of which we are using for curtains) which have been a big part of my life and living situations for several years... and i thought, whyyy not? when i mentioned to julton that we should put it up on the wall. he looked at me... looked at the wall.. looked at me again, and as he looked at the wall again said "our peruvian flag would probably be better" 

buah buah buahh. 

i convinced him. 

and after he saw it up and covering the wall in all its amazingness, he agreed. although we did go through a hassle to get something to put it up with. the walls are concrete and we didnt want to make holes ( i didnt want to make holes in the tapestry). so one day i went off searching in the center for some... double sided tape. some hardcore double sided tape. the first place i asked, the little old man talked like he knew what i was talking about, didnt have it in his store though, and didnt know what to call it either. the next places... which happen to be a string of shops together in an open air market setting.... (very intimidating, maybe just for me, when you walk in and everyone looks at you to wait for your request... yikes) as i asked if they had the tape that is sticky on both sides... they ALL looked at me like i was from another planet and shook their heads no. i even ventured to ask if they knew what it was called (so that i could stop asking for the tape that is sticky on both sides) and they stared at me blankly. fail. 

but alas we did find it in sodimac. a home improvement store like a lowes or home depot. after a scavengerhunt we found it, in its thin cardboard backing and plastic covered front, with the familiar scotch brand. i m content with that little bit of globalism. 

so, we've got a bit more color around here! and julton thinks our apartment is starting to look hindu. i disagreed and told him we were looking like hippies and he didnt seem to like that either. he said i dont want to be... to which i replied.. well, you married a girl with a hippie heart.. sorry ... (he knew that before) :D



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