29 October 2010

english inglish ingleesh

i ran across this fun video while looking for some stuff for my classes... hehehe

speaking of my classes.... 

i never really thought about the way i pronounce some words, or if i have a specific accent. actually, i don't really know if my accent is southern, northern, a mix of both or just something in its own. but... i am now very well aware of the way i pronounce dirty. take a second to pronounce that word. and remember how you do it. now... imagine a student of mine... whom i believe is the first i have ever had with such a serious intent on replicating my pronunciation. usually my students listen to me pronounce the word then pronounce it their own way anyway. but... my fantastic student... trying to mimic me pronounce dirty... and with his own accent... said "deerrdee". hehehe. do you pronounce the t or is it more like a d? because for me its a d sound.... and for my student.. well..  its something similar. 

and... i would like to share that i have been officially compared to Princess Diana. I have no idea where that came from but as in another class we were talking about introverts and extroverts, i asked my student to describe me and he responded with... you are more introverted... but kind like the Diana Princess. 

There you have it, I have the manners of a princess. :D



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