05 May 2010


our church has been having meetings every wednesday for... well im not sure how long but sufficiently long enough to say long :) preparing potential leaders to open up cell groups in the homes of different people from the church in different areas of the city. three sundays ago we had our official first sunday meeting. in six different houses in trujillo a group gets together to talk about God, read the Bible, and get to know each other better. hopefully with time the groups will grow and include neighborhood friends too. this is our group, minus two. julton is helping to lead the group along with another leader, through song and discussion. and our group has been meeting in our apartment. its been fun having it at our house and im really happy that we have something we can offer. we felt really blessed to be able to have the apartment we are in, and now its more of a blessing that the cell group can meet there with us!



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