11 June 2010

he wins!

remember my semáforo post? about trying to get the kids to behave better?
well.. its working little by little.. and last night julton and i stayed up late last night making "medals" for about 7 kids whom i was positive were going to win today. sadly.... four of them got yellows today so the 7 dwindled down to 3. which is fine for me.... less i have ot make next week... but ... andré.... andré had greens all week! and he won the big prize :)
he got to wear a crown all day. and it wasnt even his birthday.

ps since last night we stayed up late making paper medals... and this morning julton had to wake up early to see the beginnings of the world cup.... if you know me well you know it takes me an hour to get fully awake.... today i think it took more than that... since after my hour i very chaotically and very loudly and very .... idiodially because i just dont know how it happen, fell down the stairs at work today. luckily only one child saw. and hes not one of my students. i quickly stood back up to act like nothing was wrong, only to find myself on the floor again because my knees... my knees!! i have two huge blue and red centered bruises, one for each knee that cracked the stairs. ouch.

thanks for getting here friday :) you hurt me but i wont let that hurt our relationship.

and by the way there were lots of games set up in the school today for each age, for the parents to play with their kids when they came to pick them up. i suppose thats something positive to picking your kids up from school, or waiting for them to step off a bus. hey.. come on in and put together a puzzle.... or jump through this game!



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