15 June 2010

ten paciencia

you know those times when you pray those prayers.... and you say those words.... and you are asking God to do something in your life, open a door or grant this or let you have that.....?

since February Ive been praying a lot for patience. Actually, more than prayer it's been the topic of just about any conversation, when someone hears that I am teaching in a kindergarten... ohhh you must have a lot of patience they say. or wow you must love kids... i really feel like a hypocrite when i slightly smile as a response. because the truth is that i havent spent that much time with kids. i grew up in a church where i, myself, and maybe 5 others were the kids... and there werent many after that. i went to college and spent some time around little cousins... but other than that.. my experience with small children has been quite limited. im not trying to say i dont like kids, im just explaining that my experience with them hasnt been that deep.

so. as you can imagine... since February ive been asking God for just a little more patience... just a little more....

just a little more.

and today... today i did the same thing... before i even lifted my head off of my pillow i whispered a prayer for my day that involved being more patient.

and today.... i nearly choked on that word as i said it -more- than 30 times in one 45 minute class period. because all the little boogers were getting up out of their seats and running to me to check every small detail of their work.. and i mean every small detail... and jumping in front of each other and tackling me and throwing papers in my face. and i nearly knelt down on my knees when i realized that i was telling them... be patient! be paitent! make a line and be patient! cant you see im talking to andrea right now? then why did you put the paper in my face? be patient!

oh.. patience.



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