21 May 2010


kids kids kids....
we started a new activity this week. by we i mean the school psychologist and i started a new project. you see... theres this class... and theres me... the english teacher that seems them for 45 minutes of each of their monday through friday school day. and theres the fact that im pretty passive. and theres the fact that well... ive lost my ability to control their ability to spend the class time in a havoc. and i cant yell. i just cant. i tried... for a week... and my voice/throat/garganta was so exhausted and sore that weekend. and i like to enjoy my weekends.

so we started this project. its called the semáforo. semáforo means traffic light. Julton helped me make this poster... where you will see graphics of superman and i think its mr america... to encourage the kids... to be the champion!!! so each day of the week the kids get a chance to :
1) obey the miss de inglés
2) listen to the miss de inglés
3) just be good kids..

and each day at the end of class we take some time to review. i ask each student how they think they did. i ask the rest of the class. i ask the assistant. and i give my own opinion. and based on all of this... the student gets a red green or yellow light on their semáforo for the day. at the end of the week the kid with the most green winssss.

last night Julton helped me again (he really likes doing stuff like this.. he says hes a doctor by day and a jardin teacher at night) to make the surprise for the kids that won. i dont think the picture gives them justice. im pretty proud of them. i was going to give some chocolate too. but i decided to just give the medal a try. see how it went over. and as another teacher pointed out,(who happens to be dutch and says they arent allowed to give out candy at the schools and if a child brings candy to school it gets confiscated)... it gives them something to put on their wall or show to their family and remember that that week they won. i agree. so .. heres this weeks winners! with their, awesome i might add, medals that say #1 ! along with a sticker of their choice.



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