10 June 2010

remember that im not forgetting you

sorry for the lack of posts.... ive been busy busy busy this week.... teaching kids... teaching adults... ive been getting through the days dreaming of sleeping more. (which i did a few days ago, i HIGHLY reccomend ten hours of sleep, espeically if you are used to 6 a night) but other than that day... ive been feeling a little like this...:

but... there are those moments when you know its worth it :)
(that one went up on the fridge)

hope to post more soon... im looking forward to friday tomorrow... and spending some time with jultons sisters whom are even busier than i. but they are so on top of things they make it look easy to be in class sometimes until 10 pm... work... and still have time to study. im looking forward to making some chocolate chip cookies with them :) aaannnddd finally Julton has a saturday free!!! (he usually works saturdays too) so... huanchaco here we come! im excited for this weekend to get here!



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