07 November 2011


This past weekend: Good Sushi and Good Conversation.

I don't eat sushi that often anymore so I do often forget how much I love it. Although I'm not too much of a fan of how much they love to put sweet potato in it here. Or dunk it in some kind of flavored mayo. But hey you can't win them all. 

Conversation: win. I met up with a friend that is one of those kind of people that you can spend 4 hours talking to and not realize that so much time has passed, look down at your phone and realize you have lots of missed calls from a worried husband. :/ oops. 
But we've always got lots to share. My friend is Peruvian and her husband is Columbian. I love to listen to their experiences living in Peru and as a mixed culture/country marriage. It's fun to see what we have in common and what is different. Often there is more in common than we expect. 



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