01 November 2011

bananas tiny peppers and ants, oh my!

I have been learning a lot this year about how to use a big wooden bowl and a palm - sized rock correctly. And also not come away from it eating dinner with a throbbing palm. It takes skill, or maybe just repetition until you can't tell that it hurts anymore. Yep, maybe that's it. 

Upon my mother-in-law's second visit to stay at our place, she presented me with the rock telling me that she noticed that I didn't have one. I thought it was a curious thing. 

Then she showed me how to use it. 

We've made tacacho, fried plantains mashed (with said rock) with pork fat. I never imagined myself intentionally putting pork fat into my food to make it tasty. But I do now. 

Then I figured out that I could make hummus, which I don't have a food processor for and my blender is not up to. That was very difficult and I'm pretty sure Julton's mom that I was crazy. But she liked it!

Also, those little peppers are THE best. I usually don't like spicy things, but their flavor is magical. Just magical.

A 'typical' dinner around our house recently. 
It's ant season! Yes, ant - season. 

Our friend Kenedy explained to me that for this kind of ant they wait until night time, out at the farm, and go out and make a fire near the ant hill. Then the ants come pouring out and they scoop them up by the bagfuls. 

Julton's parents have come for a visit this week, which means... more and more jungle food. When they come to visit bananas, different kinds dried meats, juanes (banana leaf wrapped packages of green rice and meat), peppers and different kinds of sweets ... are all guaranteed to be lunch. 



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