26 September 2011

some come. some go. some stay.

Some students come and go. 
Some students disappear and you never see again.
Some students you lose touch with and three years later happen to bump into them on a busy city center street. While there is a clown directing traffic and yelling at you for stopping in the middle of the road. Clowns just don't get the wonder of running into someone you were sure you would never again see in your life. **

Then there are also some students you could write an entire book about. 
I've been lucky enough to teach several of those. 
The kind that make it not so hard to wake up to teach an 8 am class, when you aren't a morning person.

These are the kinds of students that know your mother and grandmother on a first name basis, and call them on skype with you to sing happy birthday. 

And in return for teaching them the difference in "picky" and "detail oriented" and trying not to laugh too much when they call a native English speaking coworker that's visiting the country for the first time, picky... they teach you how to tell off your neighbor in coastal Peruvian slangs for keeping silent when you accidentally paid their electricity bill. Even if you're too shy so you only keep it to yourself. 

I think we are all starting to understand my love for these students. 

We drink coffee and make skype calls to practice our telephone skills.

And they come over to learn how to make bear shaped pancakes.

With Zanax.

** Really, a clown. More and more traffic lights are popping up around town, as well as the signals for pedestrians to cross the street. The problem... is that no one uses them. So the clown was teaching everyone how to properly cross the street. You would be surprised how many people still don't cross on the crosswalk or when the light is red, even if there is a big (scary) clown with a megaphone calling you out in front of at least 30 other people. (because they are ignoring the clown too). 



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