21 July 2011

phones phones phones

I finally feel like I can keep up with Peruvian business men and women. And to think that not too long ago I barely used the one ancient cell phone I had. Now they all ring... at the same time. 

Because it is significantly more expensive to call a phone of a different mobile company than yours, it's quite common to have one.. of each company. If you make a lot of calls. I barely ever even made calls before or remembered to carry my phone with me. Mostly because I don't like to carry bags. It's all the more to be worried about being robbed for. Now I have my old movistar, two claro (one of my number and one my boss left me.. not sure what to do with one of them) and a nextel. And also pictured is the office phone. Which has recently been ringing off the hook from the telephone company concerned that we didn't receive our phone book. Read: obsessively concerned. I'm okay with that especially since the first time they called I thought they were trying to charge me for an ad we put in the book. 

By the way Nextels are awkward to talk on. And, I keep missing calls because I haven't learned their rings yet. I have  a feeling an embarrassing moment in a hushed church service is going to happen to me soon. Here's to hoping I can find their silence buttons!


Gillian said...

That seems excessive...even for a Business hombre.

I've LOST that many cell phones in Peru! You are crazy and missed terribly.

Gillian said...

I do believe this blog is in need of an update...as is your friend.


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