14 July 2011

snapple apple

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting today when I made a last minute decision to pay 3 soles more for a bottle of Snapple instead of the 1 sol water that I walked in intending to buy in the first place.
I think it had something to do with the atmosphere of the new gas station. The cleanliness, the organized rows of candy and the amount of coolers containing drinks. Since there were so many there I just had to go look in all of them and see just what was inside, why it was necessary to have so many. It also might have had something to do with the fact that this Snapple (Snapple Apple to be exact - Naturally Flavored) was the last guy (or only ever for all I know) on the shelf. Then the rush of the smell of the new gas station that had that gas station convenience store smell, mixed with the thought that I hadn't seen a Snapple bottle to even have a choice if I wanted one or not (there might be more here and I've never noticed them)... with it being the last one made me think... I have to have it! When was the last time I had one? When will I have one again? (I don't even remember if I drank that many when I did live in the states.) Suddenly the water bottle I had in my hand wasn't good enough. And the question the clerk asked me as I was paying should have cautioned me "So are these actually good?" When I didn't immediately say, Yes! 

I walked out of that little timewarp zone and into the street, took my first big drink and immediately wished I had stuck with my 1 sol water. It tasted like they put a candy apple flavored sucker inside the bottle. I think the maracuya I can currently make into juice any time I want has changed my taste buds opinion as to what 'naturally flavored' tastes like. 

Oh, well, lesson learned.

I also think that you should know that I am quite organized now with my puppy dog agenda. One of my students saw that I was creating dates in my notebook as an agenda, and decided to help me out :)


Gillian said...

Don't believe anything "natural" that comes from the states. It's just not true.


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