12 February 2011


an obsession.

We have been in such a chinese food eating mood these days. Or rather I suppose that I should actually say that I have been in such a chinese food making mood lately. I think it has something to do with me figuring out how to make some wontons.. and I'm addicted so instead of making the wontons to accompany soemthing else I try to think of something else to accompany the wontons. But seriously. I'm pretty excited because this is something that just came to be one day when we needed a little something else with lunch. 

I sauteed some garlic and green onion (i wanted to add ginger... but Jultons not quite so in love with it, especially in his food)... then added it to some soy sauce and fresh cheese. wrap those up in won ton wrappers and fry them... eaten with sweet and sour sauce = my new food addiction. 

i've also gotten pretty stuck on making juices. i love passion fruit juice... and often drink it pure without sugar or water at night if i am having trouble sleeping. Julton told me it helps you relax to sleep, a friend thats a nurse told me it lowers your blood pressure. either way... we are friends. i've also learned how to make chicha morada which is a drink made from purple corn, it took me a while to figure that one out. lemonade and star fruit juice are also on the list. ive gotten a little addicted to the star fruit juice actually, its just so easy! But with the chifa (chinese food) i made apple juice. that probably doesn't sound quite like it goes together huh? when one thinks chinese food i dont think they automatically think apple juice. but eh, i wanted something different. the only thing is that its just a little thick because of lack of a juicer to actually just get the juice. it gets a tiny bit applesaucey when you just blend it up and strain it. 

back to the food.

I used this recipe to make the orange chicken, but added a few things. I added chunks of green onion and broccoli. And actually in her recipe she marinates the chicken... but instead of marinating ( i didn't have time by the time i read it) i tried tossing the chicken in corn starch and frying it... i heard that thats how they get the chicken so soft in chinese food... must be right becuase it worked! 

and that my dear readers has been our obsession as of late. and note: that is obviously my plate... for all the vegetables instead of chicken... hehe



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