12 February 2011

mornings with zanax

we usually spend our mornings together when i'm not out in a class. i like to think that she appreciates it. she's quite a chocha (mamas girl) and she gets lonely (julton says i make that up, but you dont see the looks she gives when we leave the house) we hang out checking email and drinking coffee or tea (well, i do) and look out the window. 

but it's also inevitable that that quite time turns into...

which turns into this. i have to hold her head in my hand to keep her from attacking my hand or wrist. apparently her favorite parts of the human body to attack. usually following this sequence she pouts in the floor for a while before she comes back to attack... noted by noticing her sitting on the floor beside me contemplating me whiel her tail swishing and her eyes focusing in. i shoo her a way several times and eventually she comes back to contently sleep on my lap. and that happens... every time.



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