09 February 2011


InEmpres - Inglés Empresarial (Business English)
That's the name of the company that I have been teaching English with. Which means... I don't really teach college students anymore... and I definitely don't teach children anymore. It also means that depending on the level of my student and his dedication to English and the technical English of his/her job before me... they could possibly appear to know more English than me! As was such with a group of engineers that I taught... that all knew the technical engineering words... which I had never heard before in my life. But the key? knowing how to use them. I've met lots of people in my classes with interesting stories... engineers, Business owners.. that work in transport or own flower shops, jewelry makers, personal trainers, also a mechanic that owns a very successful shop and when he makes mistakes in class it's ofen in Japanese instead of Spanish since he lived there for 10 years... also someone that is starting a project of solar powered energy. I meet lots of people.

And last night we had our first conversation night. Or should I say debate? Where our students all had the chance to get together in a room and discuss or rather, debate a topic. The topic of the night? "Is spiritual development more important than professional development to solve Peru's main national problems?" We had a guest speaker who did a great job presenting the topic and engaging everyone in the debate, giving ideas and problems, solutions. It was awesome to see the students interracting, cheering them on to talk. It's one thing to talk one on one with your teacher, it's another to talk in a room full of men your own age. They did such a great job, even ones that didn't have such a high level of English yet, I could tell they were really trying to put things together, and it was inspiring them to learn more. 

And by the way... I do have female students (although not all those pictured are my students) but for some reason they didn't show this time!



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