09 February 2011


Julton had a week of vacation last week... and ever did he need it! Since he is busy 7 days a week from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed. He actually decided to take it a little unexpectedly, so we didn't make plans to go anywhere... I was still working... but at least my hours are more flexible so that we could spend some time together! We had a great week of doing things we never get to do together or at least never get to do without at least one of us being too tired to enjoy it. We spent one day cooking food neither of us had cooked before (between my classes that is) we got in lots of breathing and laughing... and spent a night with some friends listening to some reggae music at a nearby beach. Twas quite a week. 

 while i was in my morning class, Julton took off to the market to buy some fresh seafood... including these monster shrimp... 

 as well as some fish to make cebiche

 zanax was quite content with people being home to open the bedroom door so that she could snooze on the bed all day. and to think she used to follow me at my feet from room to room, actually inch to inch at all hours of the day... she's traded me in for a bed. i can't believe she's growing so fast.. and she and Julton are slowly becoming friends... he's starting to comment that maybe we should take her with us when we move to the states. I didn't have any words when he told me that, because I assumed it wasn't an option!

Our Friday night reggae show. The guys playing did a great job, and were actually all the cousins and family of another friend! Note: this experience was quite significantly better than the last time we tried to go... the last time we went not knowing that the doors open at 11 but the show doesn't start until close to 1... AM. We could only stay for a few songs before we had to head back into town to get some sleep since both of us had to work the next morning. Julton's dad was staying with us this weekend... hopefully he doesn't think that we do that -every- weekend!

We also went out walking a lot around town later in the evenings...where we witnessed the visitors from Lima (I don't remember their name) that were doing something a little like karate a little like a dance a little like... I'm not even sure... giving an exposition in the plaza. Nearly every guy there had a rat tail... well.. is it still called a rat tail if it's not at the base of your neck? What if its just a random piece of super long hair .. somewhere? I didn't understand that trend in the third grade... and I still don't. We also watched a group of (and of course I can't remember the name of them right now, Julton's no longer on vacation or I would just ask him)... a religious group from here in Peru, as Julton explained to me that its a sect ... whose leader received a vision telling them that they needed to live by the old testament. so they don't consider the new testament, don't believe in Jesus, and actually the leader said that he himself was supposed to raise from the dead after three days. He died... and they waited to bury him... and he didn't come back... so they buried him and they said that when he said three days he didn't actually mean three days like we know days. hmm

Quite an interesting week we had... indeed. I'm so happy that we got to spend some time together and remember what it's like to spend time together! For our anniversary that is coming up in March we are both going to take vacation and travel to a beach in the north... I am incredibly excited! I can't wait to get out of the city! Don't get me wrong, I love living so close to the market and my job... I can walk to any of them... but after a while I start to seriously crave some purer oxygen, and to be able to see a green tree without a film of dirt covering it!



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