12 January 2011


it's pretty late for me to be posting but....
it's pretty late for me to be up in general, so what the hey.

i used to drink a lot of coffee. lots and lots. the stronger the better. then over time the caffeine started making me a little too jittery... then the caffeine made my heart rate too fast... then... the kitten that is quickly earning the name cat for her constant consumption of food and waking me up meowing outside the bedroom door at 6 am for another serving... that kitten... jumped onto the shelf where the french press was... and pushed it off with her big booty. we were at war for many days after. so, all that to say.. i don't drink as much coffee as i used to. but today... a sequence of events left me with two cups of coffee, a sample caramel frappuccino, a free coffee tasting, and a chai latte. all within about 5 hours of each other. explanation: in my tuesday and thursday afternoon class we drink coffee together (1) today i had another class about an hour after theirs so i chatted with another student that waited with me and drank another coffee (2) next my student called me asking if we could move the class to starbucks because of his schedule it was more convenient (read: when is starbucks not convenient?) hehe... i almost said no because i knew i shouldn't drink more coffee... but off i went having decided that i would drink none. alas when the moment came, and my student had invited me to a drink i heard myself saying chai latte tall before i could catch the words coming out of my mouth and say no thanks, and since evening time is hoppin in starbucks around here... there was no time to take it back (3) whlie i was waiting at a table a girl came by offering samples of caramel frappuccinos.... which i quickly caved for after seeing the coldness of the cup and remembering that i should have said iced chai latte because it was hot outside and i had just walked several blocks (4) in the middle of my class (conversation) with my student... an employee came by to offer a tasting of the coffee where they bring a french press to your table and go through the 4 ways of 'discovering' your coffee. (5) i couldn't be rude and not drink it... i mean the girl was sitting right in front of me explaining how i should taste a bit of bitterness but overall smooth with a hint of ... earth. besides i made my student translate to keep up the english in the midst of it all. 

and that... is the long story of how i ended up blogging at 1:30 am. and also the reason i happened to find these never seen by me before wedding pictures from the facebook page of the place where we were married! and why you get to see them as well :)
i am so surprised that my veil wasn't standing straight above my head in this picture! (like it is in another...) it was so windy. here Julton and I with Pastor Jaime and Pastor Wes.  I think this was during the vows. 
 Here's a before photo as everyone was preparing for the ceremony to get started. With the musicians off to the right. Our friend Ronald (who with his wife were our godparents of the wedding) played his violin along with his two oldest sons accompanying him with another violin and chello. (I think he had a friend playing guitar and piano too but i can't quite remember...)
 The dance floor and our cake, made by one of the women from church. I'm pretty sure the flower arrangements on the tables were turned over until the last minute because there was so much wind.
everything. i'm so excited to have found these pictures! small random story: the lady that took care of everything couldn't quite understand me when i kept telling her just keep things simple, but i think she did a great job! One day she told me.. Julie.. I know just what to do and what you will like. Also I think the florist did a great job, after finding one that didn't write down roses on their agenda when I said hydrangea. And except for the fact that on the wedding day they sent my bouquet of all purple roses instead of the hydrangeas that we had talked about. I don't understand why it's so hard for the florists to understand that when someone says they don't want roses... they actually mean it! When I told him I didn't want them.. he looked at Julton and said "are you sure? hydrangeas are nice but roses will make it more romantic... and weddings are romantic" Also.. another lady working on the wedding from the place we were married.. was helping my grandma and I get in line to go to the ceremony and said "wow... your makeup is so simple.... but it's nice! it fits you!!...wow"
they don't commonly have brides walk through their doors without a load of makeup and a little glitter on them. 

so, there's a glimpse into the wedding!


Anonymous said...

Jejeje... I shoulda' slapped more glitter on your face then??

Dang. Now I know what to do for Gillian's Peruvian wedding!

Love you lady!


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