16 January 2011

baby... bebe.. shower

i was invited to another baby shower this week. i don't think that i posted about the last one that i went to out of sheer embarrassment, or was it to save Julton's embarrassment? the last one was for couples and or anyone. And we played games.. involving the three married guys at the party getting to be the babies and their wives changing their diapers and feeding them bottles. I won't go into detail. But this week was different. A friend of mine, whom I met as being her teacher a long time ago and we stayed connected (she has helped me with a ton of stuff in Trujillo, she's an awesome friend). She introduced me to her hair salon, her sister did my nails for the wedding, and she stuck by me when I was independently doing private english classes, she and a couple others and myself would get together in a local mall food court and conversate.
She's having a baby very very soon, and I am so happy for her! She got past all of the "when when when" that everyone here asks right after you get married, insinuating when are you going to give me a nephew?? She and her husband have been married for 10 (11?) years.

That beautiful lady in the middle is the mom to be, and that cake above? Just styrofoam wrapped in cake mold... that I was waiting to be able to eat all night. Since the only other baby shower I had been to involved a lot of games I was waiting and waiting... but it just never came... we ate a lovely dinner and just as I was wondering when the cake was going to be served and if there was going to be something special about cutting it... we received lemon pie. And I put 2 and 2 together, because I forgot how common it was. To have a pretend cake. Even at weddings. Is that a common thing anywhere else?



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