02 January 2011

merry christmas and happy new year!

we have had such a great Christmas and New Year... instead of going into too great of detail I'm going to post a few photos and summaries...
 we spent Christmas Eve with our friend Kenedy whom is from the same town as Julton, he moved to Trujillo this year for college, and since his university was slow in starting because they were waiting for more students to enroll... they didn't get a break for Christmas. We went to our church's Christmas Eve service. Lots of singing and lots of reading the Bible, and lots of paneton and chocolate milk. It was a great time. When we finished there we walked by the plaza on our way home. They had different Christmas trees up and decorated around, there were a ton of people there.
 after visiting the plaza we three went home and made Christmas dinner (here its tradition to wait up until midnight on Christmas Even to eat dinner and celebrate) It's a good thing we were planning on it too because since we live in a busy neighborhood, and on a corner.. there were fireworks on all sides of our home and we would have celebrated had we wanted to or not since I'm pretty sure every teenager on our block bought fireworks and invited their friends. 

 Saturday was an awesome day of relaxation, very long awaited since Julton works Mon-Sat and we have church activities all day Sundays. Then on Sunday we had a church lunch after the service... (sorry no pictures yet) then it was home to prepare another dinner. Gillian arrived for a visit in Trujillo! So we had another Christmas dinner to celebrate. Very well acompanied by the snowflake table cloth and snowmen plates my mom had sent, and cranberry sauce from my grandmother!
 For New Years we celebrated with our friends from church, hats and grapes to be found everywhere... and... Jamesson asked Gillian to marry him! The next day we tried to make our way out to the beach. It was so crowded even though sadly it was a pretty cloudy day. There were tents and kids and teenagers playing soccer on all sides.
 Apparently our lives have been full of lunches and dinners at home recently because we had another one to finish off today after church. Gillian was talking with Jacqui (in the turquoise) last night and I was so excited to see her at church this morning. She and her boyfriend work as clowns? I'm not sure what they are called.. but.. the people that walk on stilts? The funny thing is that Julton and I saw some people on stilts near our house in a park recently... then we found out it was them! They always go there to practice. Jacqui was my (and also Gillian's) student wayy back when.

So, there you have it. Our holidays have been great. Great time spent with friends and our new family. Also.. everyone should try this recipe, which I made for Christmas and was incredibly surprised that everyone (mainly Julton) liked. They are spiced/baked chick peas... delicious. Actually, I received one of the best comments Katy came with her brother for dinner and after Katy told me that her brother loved the food (typical Christmas food from the states) and wanted to know if I had a younger sister! hahaha Katy jokingly said.. she has a younger brother do you want me to introduce you?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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