01 December 2010

here's to you...

December 1st! 
I cannot remember ever being so enthusiastic about holidays... not that I've been a bah humbug. But I was never one to get giddy about Christmas music or decorations or anything that goes along with all of that. But... that apparently is changing this year. I don't know if its the first year of marriage or the having a home (instead of a room) of my own to decorate or if two and a half years ( 6 1/2 if you count college) away from home is starting to catch up with me and make me homesick. But I -to my surprise- welcomed december 1st with a smile in the morning (i am NOT a morning person) and woke up early enough to make pumpkin lattes for my students and share some chocolate chip (and some with dried cranberries) cookies with them!
Although my Christmas spirit just might have something to do with us buying our Christmas tree last night. I (WE) got pretty excited about it. 

we're still talking and debating and discussing and contemplating what decorations we are actually going to put on it. i would love to make some.. he prefers the shiny ones in the stores. but he hasn't seen the ones that i could make yet. Julton picked out a tree in the store and said, we should decorate it like that! it had yellowish lights... with a gold ribbon... and gold shiny ornaments... i couldn't find one in the store that i liked how they decorated (for my own tree, that i would like to have for myself i should say, they looked good in the store...) but when i explained that i would rather string popcorn and use lots of yarn and paper... he just got confused. he's obsessed with the idea that it all has to be the same color, and why on earth would you use green ornaments on a green tree???? hehehe , well, for now it sits with its lights (that will play christmas music by the way) waiting for our decision to take it to the next step... 

it does look quite lovely lit up though :)



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