07 December 2010


we have a little fluffly furball friend at home! she came to us a couple days ago, or shall i say we went to her. shes about a month old. i say she because she doesnt exactly have a name yet... thatst still up in the air. so... any suggestions are very welcome! so far shes just accustomed to kitty kitty and mishi mishi. she sleeps a lot. she yawns, has droopy eyes, eats (barely) uses her litter pan (yes!!!) - which i might add i constructed myself with a cardboard box, scissors, and black trash bags. total cost: 5 soles. if i had bought a littler pan? 50 soles.- 
i got out a big felt blanket to make a little mini home for her... at least to sleep it, and set it up in the living room... but it turns out that she wanted to choose her own sleep space since i found her again and again on top of some cardboard boxes under the stove (its only the burners sitting on the table.. no oven underneath.. yet!) im a little worried about her being there, the gas tank is right beside it... and i cook above her. but shes determined to stay there. i have been trying and trying to get the little thing to eat. i've tried milk, milk mixed with cat food (like ratio milk to cat food 9:1), milk mixed with pieces of bread... shes not that interested in any of it. i was beginning to think she was anorexic.. until.... i made a strawberry and yogurt smoothie today.. and topped it with home made granola (which i made from a recipe from marti bolton, who was a missionary living here, that gave me the recipe in my bridal shower... love it) now that... the cat was interested in. like, big time. i kept telling her no no no no, this isnt for you, its going to hurt your stomach.. seriously, no. but.... i'm a pushover. and since she wasn't interested in anything until now, i decided to share... but just a little little bit. i promise just a few specks of granola and the teensiest portion of yogurt (its made of milk anyway right...?)
well.. apparently are related or somehow cosmically connected because this little kitten loves granola and yogurt. 

you can see her there in the picture above looking at the other food i was trying to get her to drink (milk and water, milk water and cat food) as though she were saying... hmph what are you in comparison! well, yogurt and granola are not going to be her consistent diet but it made me smile and her content for a few moments that i let her have some. it reminded me of a cat i had once that wanted to eat cooked vegetables, even or possibly especially beets!
shes a really sweet cat, she sleeps and sleeps, (maybe because shes a baby?) she sleeps in her box under the stove, she sleeps in the chair and when i'm sitting down she sleeps in my lap. seriously, anytime i am sitting she finds her way to me, she loves to be held. i think we are getting along pretty well, and its nice to have her here. a little something for me to worry about and check on. its fun to come home after class to her... and possible to talk to her. especially since Julton is usually working when I'm not, and gets home a little late in the evenings. 

It took some convincing to get Julton to like the idea of having a cat. He's a dog person. I'm definitely not a dog person. He likes those dogs that are hug and incredibly wrinkly and incredibly slobbery. i've got him convinced our apartment isnt big enough and that we really should have a yard if we are going to have one. so for now.. no slobbery dogs. he did have a condition when we got the kitten though. that it not come in the room or in with his books. i agreed... but secretly wished (wish) i could cuddle with her while napping in my bed. i've always had a cat around. i remember my mom waking me up for school by bringing in the cat to my bed to wake me up. last night i went to sleep super early because i wasn't feeling well... and since Julton was studying in the other room and hadnt noticed that the door was open, said that when he came into the room he found the cat curled up around my feet like it was protecting me. (or just getting warm) i had no idea she was there because i was completely out asleep. 

so... any name suggestions??? before all i could think of were names of spices it seems.. pepper and nutmeg... then luna (moon) but... she doesnt really look like a luna. i need help!

for reference: all the cats i've owned i have named something about the weather or atmosphere... when i was little i named my first cat was named sky... then came storm... the dog was sunshine... until the most recent kira ( i dont know where that came from)



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