29 November 2010


yes... it is true that...

~ i have been (had been) waiting for Thanksgiving for about 3 months.
~ my mom sent me some impossible to find ingredients such as... ocean spray cranberry sauce, and armour dried beef to make a cheeseball. 
~ as well as beautiful decorative paper plates/napkins/cups, and decorations!
~ that ive been searching for recipes all these past 3 months... but it didn't dawn on me to buy the pumpkin that had been in the stores... until the day i decided to buy it.
~ that i substituted carrot for the pumpkin like someone recommended and it tasted exactly the same.
~ that i cooked all day saturday for us + 10 of family and friends
~ that the elderly sat in the chairs and the rest on tapestries and blankets on the floor and it was quite comfy.
~ that we had chicken instead of turkey to save a little, but i still cooked it like i was going to the turkey, and it was delicious. 
~ that julton and kenedy nearly killed the chicken trying to "carve" it, had it not been dead and cooked already.
~we cut out pilgrim and indian hats from colored paper.
~ and everyone wore one.
~ even Jultons grandpa.
we had lots of fun on Saturday night. I cooked all that day, and had so much fun doing it. I don't think that Julton thought we were going to have enough food... but everyone went two rounds! We had... a cheeseball (i'm not sure how I didn't eat that when I was a vegetarian) - everyone was really fascinated with it, stuffed mushrooms, roasted turkey-chicken (what's gaby cooking), green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole (myrecipes.com), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn (which was also different for all our friends since I bought the canned kind which is probably 75% more expensive than buying the other from here... but i figured Thanksgiving was worth it. And we even had Pumpkin pie, thanks to Gillian sharing her wonderful recipe and thanks to taking the advice from another lady of using carrots for the pumpkin. I admit I was fearful... but I really wanted to make a pumpkin pie, so I gave it a try... and it worked!!!
 the little electric ovens i cooked everything in
 a friend working hard to make a pilgrims hat for one of the guys...
 even Jultons grandpa wore his hat... even if it was to distract us from noticing him sitting beside the candy bowl...
 kenedy... the king
 i think the glue on Jultons hat was still wet when he put it on... so it was stuck to his forehead!
 we really had a lot of fun making those hats.
 Julton was very ready to eat... 
 the girls.
 Julton and Kenedy killing the chicken for good measure.
 everyone filling up their plates!

Thanksgiving 2010... success.

And now I'm enjoying a Pumpkin (carrot) Latte, thanks to Gillians recipe!



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