29 November 2010

hes 25. on 25.

last week, on the 25th to be exact, Julton had his birthday. I am pretty content saying that I/several friends pulled off a surprise party! I was determined to surprise him after he completely caught me off guard for my birthday (he had an advantage though... I was sick and definitely not expecting anything, note to self: never find yourself off guard around your birthday)

i have absolutely no idea why he didn't guess that we were planning something for him. on various occasions he caught his sisters and i in questionably secretive conversations/situations.  he caught me secretively planning with them in their room... to which i later covered us by saying you know... we were going to plan a surprise for you, but what do YOU want to do... we dont know what to do. hehe. this actually worked to our advantage, we got the scoop on what he did or didnt want. like not wanting a birthday cake. he wanted no bake cookies instead! later, the  day before his birthday when i received an email about how many people were coming from his work....14! I ran downstairs very fast to tell his sisters... and ran right into Julton since he had just walked in the door. I burst in the door saying there's going to be..... oh hi!! (we weren't expecting so many to come from there because its farther away, but they did and it was awesome) the day of his birthday.... he got home early and walked in on us preparing the food! for some unknown reason he stalled in the door and we were able to hide all the food, except the popcorn. i thought we were gonners. but his grandma convinced him she was trying out making caramel corn. whew! the day of his birthday (the day before, the night of the surprise party) we had planned to go look at christmas trees. which went smoothly except for me getting mysterious phonecalls and he couldnt figure out why my 'students' were calling me so often, and at night. and i had to make a lot of trips to the bathroom, or dressing room. 

finally, upon arriving home... Julton looked to me and said, the door is open!! We've been robbed!!! He takes a deep breath the throws the door open and jumps inside... and nearly has a heart attack as the first thing he sees is the silhouette of a very tall missionary friend, right before they turned on the lights and said surprise!!!! 
Birthday surprise party.... success.
and, a few memories from the past year...
 too much rain in trujillo + houses not prepared = sweeping out the house and roof.
Thanksgiving!! (this year).


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

Julie said...

Thank You!


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