21 October 2010

things i find fun

This is something that I have to share out loud. Because I just keep randomly repeating it to myself occasionally and it doesn't get me anywhere. And you know, when you say something out lout it makes it 'real'. Someone else hears it (reads it...) and it somehow validates you. Gives you some responsibility.You see, I'm a dreamer. When I was young I would wake up early in the summertime but lay in my bed all morning reading and reading. My imagination goes and goes... but I can never seem to get control of the ability to rope it in and make things happen. I think a lot about how something would be fun or neat or interesting or good for my life, life, in general. But then I just dream. I move on to the next dream. This isn't healthy. I'm sure that you yourself have those things that you think would be fun to do or "be when you grow up" if you will, but then... they just get away from you in your day to dayness. But a combination of some lovely posts on some blogs that i read consistently, and a conversation with a student of mine... over his children nonetheless! - One is a dreamer and one is a go getter. One dreams of surfing and making music and the others personality suits her so that she seems like a little administrator stuck in a 10 year olds body. As we were talking in class about personalities I started to think more about myself in that regard. And my student flat out asked me what kind of personality are you like? And I had to say I'm more of a dreamer. I could never be an administrator, I'm too much of a softy. So dream I do, which is great for me but... It's time to give those dreams more of a reality to live in :D

On to the blogs that I sort of live my dreams through...

She explores with her kids... she sews curtains... she sells on etsy... she decorates with second hand or vintage... she lets her kids draw dancing smiling crabs then makes it into a new sweatshirt design.... she makes lemon curd... i enjoy her posts and watching her creativity with her kids and business.

This for example is something she made after seeing a photo in a book of a lady in a bed of hydrangeas!

She designs her own eco friendly beautiful jewelry. And fills her blog with other beautiful inspirations. She writes e-books, has her own bazaar (shop) online for other sellers, I like her style :)

This is a piece of her work that she sells in her shop, simple and so pretty, no?

Also a lady that explores with her kids, lets them create and encourages their creations, she sews also, and has an eclectically fun house, as well as a homey country house. (I didn't make any individual post links because i couldn't figure out how to link back to her posts)

Their eclectically fun house and...

The homey country house.

And lastly (but certainly not least...ly): Angry Chicken
Also a site I very much enjoy to visit and see what she's made next or sharing from someone elses page or has done with her kids. Such as sketching flowers in a park together, then pressing some of the flowers and making skirts on their drawings with them, and turning them into thank you cards for her kids to use...or making her daughters coats... 

So... what's the point of all of this blog sharing? Well... I just wanted to share with you a few of the things that inspire me, or have been. I keep thinking... I wish I still made collages, I wish I still did this or that... oooo i would like to do that with my kids one day (take notice that i said one day!!) I would like to knit, I would like to perfect my crochet skills, I would love to learn how to sew (better). I should have never let myself get out of the habit of sewing. I could make my own clothes! How fun! I have a friend that has taken sewing classes from an institute here and I am very seriously considering getting into it... I'm pondering the idea for now...

I hope that you enjoy each of these fun blogs as much as I do!


Fine Little Day said...

Thank you so much Julie :)


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