22 October 2010

a e i o u


Tell me, how do you pronounce that word?

Because in a recent class.. I will admit I had trouble. I think the actual spelling is conquistadors (in english) but that word slipped into the article we were reading and as my student pronounced it in spanish (in our english class) then asked me to pronounce it, my first atempt sounded amazingly similar to his! I had to practice myself... 

I remember back in early elementary school years, my year didn't get taught phonics phonics like they teach phonics now. We learned the letters (and songs for each letter I might add) but we didnt learn the phonics so much. I didn't learn much about phonics or proper pronunciation until I started studying spanish. So... when I'm sounding out a word to myself.... it should probably not surprise me that I am more likely to pronounce it in spanish. that just... doesnt come in so handy in an english class where I am the teacher! maybe i should sign up for some english classes of my own...



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