13 October 2010

about some food: part 2

ants. we have been eating a lot of them lately. i don't have a picture but i promise its true. it was raining in moyobamba... which means its ant season! which also means that our entire building smelled like fried ants for about a week. since in our apartment and also jultons sisters (whom live in the same building) there were ants being prepared for lunch and dinner for a week... including kennedy's since hes renting a room he came over to have his also. the neighbors have to be used to that since jultons family has lived here for so long.

but not only ants come in small packages sent to us in a bus from jultons family in moyobamba. also comes.... chancaca (im not positive i spelled that right) which is a lot like brown sugar. and when added to peanuts makes a pretty awesome snack.... and i just recently found out that julton has mad skills at transforming it into caramel corn! i was having a low sugar day (sometimes it drops and i eat everything sweet in sight. unless julton is around then i get a glass of sugar water.... it's not as tasty as it possibly sounds i assure you, i would not make it as a hummingbird) but that day julton disappeared and said im going to make something that you are going to love and beg for the recipe for but i will never tell the secret! it was incredibly tasty. im starting to believe he might be telling the truth about being the best rice pudding maker... even though hes never actually made it for me.

in another direction: tequeños (wontons fried with cheese inside) and guacamole are one of our favorite things. and perus soccer matches on tv are one of jultons favorite things. so thats how our evening was spent last night. peru played panama. they... lost. actually they dont have a good track record of winning but julton tells me that they have a new coach this year and they are improving. they beat canada in a match. well.. not canada canada... i think it was a minor team. but still, thats improvement!



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