23 October 2010

a favorite lunch.

cecina, chorizo, (jungle ham and sausage)... eggs, avocado, cabbage (one of jultons favorite vegetables.... scratch that - jultons ONLY favorite vegetable.. haha, fried bananas, rice and a homemade salsa. 

one of our favorite lunches. 

its a good day when we get a package from moyobamba. it usually means the cecina, choirzo, bananas, peanut butter, peanuts, candies, and while in season.. ants! between his sisters apartment and ours... the whole building has smelled jungly quite a lot recently.. for the ants :)

(again.. sorry for the random fork photo invasion. ... i usually take the picture right before we are about to attack it.... as you can probably imagine that leads to a conversation that goes a little like.. " agaaain??... take the picture! lets eat!" "just one more" "ohhh im hungry..." "okay, iknow! ... wait that ones blurry.. " "ohh... hmm.. grr..." 



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