04 October 2010

oh monday monday

many. many things can happen all in one hour.

since this past month I didn't teach many classes everything was pretty calm for me. until today. today started the new 'teaching month'. im not sure exactly what i did to ensure such a clumsy/strange day. or at least an hour of the day. but by the end of it i had my head hung and was ready to go home. tail tucked between my legs as they say. not that i have a tail. anyway...

today i was trying to figure out my way to a new class. that all went fine. until i actually got to the 'blue door' i was looking for that would mark the office i needed. i found a blue door. but i couldn't figure out how to open it. there was a little buttonish looking thing beside which i kept pressing but nothing was happening. although i kept waiting and waiting half expecting the door to swing open hitting me and knocking me head over foot to the bottom. finally someone saw me... but didn't do anything but talk, from behind a sealed door and a small window... no sound. if you have ever tried to tell me something expecting me to read your lips... you came to the quick realization, that I julie rogers, cannot for the life of me read anything you are trying to say. and thats in english. finally behind me i heard senorita senorita!! being shouted and as i turned i realized that a man was leaning out from a window to tell me to go out the building and around the other side. while everyone watched me from their windows. embarrassing. thanks.

when i got into the waiting area and explained who i was and who i wanted to see and why... the guy looked at me very, very suspiciously and asked me to write down my information. which i did and stepped back as i waited while he called someone, then came more suspicion. he finally said, well since you are so late he has no time for you. i very very confused, looked down at the time and thought.... but im FOUR MINUTES late!!!! it was actaually all a big confused mess. and i was supposed to be there an hour earlier. communication confusion. so he sent me away by saying see you wednesday, an hour earlier. and he and probably everyone else in the building watched as i shamefully walked away back by all the windows. i'm sure they were scribbling away in their lists of stereotypes about foreigners.

after that the day still didn't seem to get any better.... i bought a small cup of food thats a like ceviche, spilled the juice all over my black pants... discovered that whatever its made of does. not. come off after its dried. so i walked severl blocks looking like i had bird poo all over my 'professional' pants. then took a micro (bus) the rest of the way home. no one wants to sit beside you when they think you have bird poo all over you. no. one. oh they do, but you know all the while that they dont want to.

after changing and hurrying off to a meeting thinking this is it, the day is going to turn. the security guard gave me a who knows exactly how long but significanly longer than necessary speech about how i didn't have to make sure the door shut because it shut itself. complete with him bending over to point to the 'mechanism' at the bottom of the door that i needed to let 'work'. you can do that he said, but you need to let the door work like its supposed to work. i kept imagining tht he was secretly in some kind of secret union for the labor of doors. the only reason i stood there to make sure it shut anyway was because he was there and i thought he was going to lecture me for walking away without sufficiently closing it. buah buah buaaah. seriously, he talked for a long time.

and, after all that walking i successfully made 4 exciting blisters on my not used to wearing heels or sandals or anything other than boots, feet. the day just kept getting better.

oh monday.

i guess i'm getting paid back for my wonderful weekend. Julton and I got to spend the majority of the weekend together. it was great. 6 hours of our weekend we spent watch all three matrix movies (not consecutively) since he was so shocked that i had only see bits of the first one. and we (I) experimented with making hamburger helperish lunch. it looked kind of crazy but julton loved it. :)



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