27 September 2010

here in the beginning we're going to get a little mushy... so if you're not interested in hearing about that you might just want to skip on down a paragraph or two :)

this week has been great. just great. julton has had some more free time and we've been able to do more things together and just spend more time together in general and i have been ever so greatful for it. this week are the elections.. on Sunday. And the government has a law that there can be no meetings of any sort of that day so that the people have the freedom to vote and also travel back to their towns to vote. although this means that we can't have church on Sunday, don't get me wrong that I'm just excited for that, you are misunderstanding me. Throughout the week Julton has lots of meetings for lots of different things preparing for the weekend. And this week... he hasn't had quite so many meetings. That has certainly been a blessing. Since I have been feeling like I saw him more often when he was in his internship as opposed to now that we are married.

So we were reminiscing over one of the first times that we spent much time at all around each other... back a long long time ago, before I knew much Spanish at all. Actually that was one of the reasons we started talking. I remember that we were out with a big group of friends for lunch. It might have been a Sunday now that I think about it. Becuase we had gone out for jungle food and we usually did that on Sundays. So after lunch we all walked over to the mall to cool of the hot afternoon with an oreo mcflurry. And after spending a lunch trying to understand all the spanish conversation going on around me, i was a little tired. (my spanish skills were zilch when i first came, its still not perfect but im improving) so as we were all walking over to meet our ice cream needs our friends said hey julie you should talk to julton, he knows some English. we both kind of looked at each other a little like hmm conversation? and i learned all about his trip to seattle when he was 15. and remember thinking wow i wish i could say i have been to seattle! (many times peruvians are surprised that you haven't been to every city in the states, but it's the same for them not having traveled to eachpart of their country either) it was a pretty great day that day, neither of us had any idea what would be in store for us a couple years later. God is great.

okay, mushy portions over. jeje

randomly... last week as i was rubbing my very sleepy eyes awake in the early morning as Julton was leaving for work... i was walking by the window when i stopped and had to take a second look, rubbing my eyes all the more trying to figure out if they were playing tricks on me...
because there was a hot air balloon outside! i just kind of stood there staring. i was used to seeing hot air balloons in anderson sc... but here in Trujillo... i can't say that i have ever seen one. i couldn't figure out if it was just an advertisement or.. if they were practicing for the parade a few days later ( last sunday was the spring parade... sorry we didn't go, even though it was just a couple blocks away, so i don't have any pictures) people camp out all night before to save their seat to watch the parade... and there are so many.... SO many people, neither of us had the desire to go out in the crowd.



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