13 October 2010

about some food part 1

you may be asking yourself "is she really about to update me on what theyve been eating? is that really necessary? has her life been that boring lately?"

and to answer your questions i 'would' say to you "yes i am about to update you on what weve been eating. and this is only the first part. no, it might not be necessary but its happening. and no my life has not been boring lately. it just seems that all my photos are of food. my classes have picked up, but i think my students would think it a bit weird if i tried to picture them. on the topic of students, i have a new one from spain. hes a super nice guy, but... if i try to help him out by telling him the meaning of the word in spanish.... he turns around and says okay, thats what peruvians say but do you know how to say it in spanish? with a grin on his face. uhmmm i say... i guess i don't? but, i am taking it in a way that he is teaching me more vocabulary so that i have a wide range of spanish words just in case we ever travel in spain where they might not know that a terno is a traje (suit). just in case im ever out buying a suit in spain.

so back to the food.

my first ever attempt at cooking or eating for that matter... beef stroganoff. i was oddly excited to make this. i dont know where the idea came from, and i realize that this picture actually doesnt make the food look that appealing, but i assure you that it tasted wonderful. the origional recipe that i used was a little different than what i ended up doing (steak instead of ground beef) but we're fans nonetheless. and apparently often when i make pasta it must not have much meat in it, because when i told julton what we were having, his only concern was "is there meat in it?"

fish tacos!!!!
(and mangos are back in town!!)
(sorry for the random silverware sticking out everywhere in the photo)

pollo al horno
because we dont only eat pasta or tacos, we also eat alot of peruvian food
its basically chicken cooked in a sauce made with soy sauce

and lastly, another pasta dish... a random mixture of taco seasonings
equallying something like beefaroni.

ps: those were all lunchtime meals. we eat a lot at lunch :)



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