13 October 2010


speaking of mangos....

i am very excited that they are starting to show up in the markets again. however i will restrain from eating one - two everyday.

recently julton told me a story about one of his patients. that goes a little something like this.

she was concerned because her friends and family had been telling her that she was looking yellow. so julton looked closer and sure enough her eyes were yellowing and her skin as well. so he ran several tests but there wasn't anything that he could find that was wrong.... that's when she admitted.... that she was trying out a new diet and had been eating at least a mango a day for the past 3 months.....

is it bad that i find it pretty hilarious that someone was trying to lose weight but their diet turned them yellow instead? i hope not.

today when i was telling my mom that story, she told me that i had to tell julton (i don't remember this) that when i was a baby she couldn't feed me too many carrots because my nose turned orange. that made me laugh harder.



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