29 October 2010

a graduation.

this week life around our apartment has been a little livelier. usually its just julton and i with our schedules and coming and going, his sisters also live in the same building with their own busy schedule between classes and their internship. and we don't really see much of one another. for a while we tried to schedule a weekly dinner, but it didn't really stick, its been difficult to coordinate all of us. but this week... this week has been so different and a refreshing change. this week Julton's sisters graduated!
Although they will finish their internships later this year, they had their formal graduation this week! Both of them are now lawyers and considering what's going to be in their near future. To stay here, to go back home, to move to another city...

But for now, the family is in town :) Their grandmother and grandfather have been here this week along with their father, and their mother will be here later in the week. I have been excited that they are visiting. Especially the grandparents  (i think theres a soft spot in my heart for grandparents :D ) At almost any given hour of the day Julton's granmother or grandfather or both will be standing in the window taking in what's going on in the street outside. And we get a huge smile as we are walking toward home and they recognize us. I'm also loving that when i come home from a morning of teaching, walk in the door considering my options for lunch (often times Julton works later at the clinic and eats out there) and Julton's grandmother sticks her head out the window to tell me to come on in for lunch. Yuuum. Juanes... cecina... bananas... Ants... A dish i'm not sure the name of but quite tasty, ... and Inchicapi (spelling im not sure of) the latter mentioned being probably my favorite peruvian food ever. Its a soup made with peanuts cilantro chicken and cornmeal, we ate it with rice and yuca and of course more bananas and of course ants on the side. everytime i think we must have eaten all the ants that they brought, more come from somewhere... they must have brought a whole suitcase full! But the soup is my most favorite thing. Its delicious. and although i wasn't able to be there to see how its made yesterday, I'm supposed to get a tutorial today :) 

It's been so fun having their family visit. Julton's grandmother is precious. She laughs and laughs at everything and is just a genuinely happy person. Even if no one else is laughing with her, she keeps it up. I'm also excited because this week, it's almost as though we have passed by the awkwardness/newness of "you're new to our family/I'm new to your family" into "a part of the family". 



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