04 September 2010

tomatoes coffee and reggae = a friday night.

i think that recently weve gotten swooped into a cycle of work and being tired from working and getting used to schedules and marriage and a new life. and we havent been going out and just having fun :) sooo yesterday we had fun :)

its been the season of soups around here lately for us... so yesterday some friends came over for... naturally some soup :) but its perfect because the weather has still been so cold. like ive mentioned before i get a little bit nervous to try out new foods on julton or his family or peruvian friends in general. foods that maybe im used to eating but they arent familiar with. in the past couple of weeks weve all tried potato soup, chicken soup with dumplings, and last night's tomato soup. i had been craving tomato soup for a while, and kty brought it up the other day soo.. after checking out my trustworthy foodgawker (ive never made tomato soup before myself... other than campbells. campbells isnt really an option around here... which is beneficial because situations like these make me learn to make more home made food, aka healthier and oh so delicious.) im not sure what i will do one day when we are in the states and there are so many already made options around... will i give in and buy the cans or will i go the extra mile in the produce department.hhhhmmm...

so, i found this great recipe... which since we curently dont have an oven i couldnt 'roast' the veggies, so they were sauteed. but it still turned out well. and as i nervously sat down pilar reassured with a 'hey this is great' and julton and kenedy quickly went back for seconds. when i know for a fact that julton wont if he doesnt like something... like the incident over the sushi. jeje

chocolate covered coffee beans yuuum... that i hide from julton because he likes to eat the chocolate... and leave the coffee bean. not cool. go buy a chocolate bar! i always plead.

later on we went out to huanchaco to check out the reggae music that they have each friday night. i was pretty excited about this... since ive been trying to go for about a year now with jamesson, it always fell through. sadly he couldnt go with us. but theres always next time.. :)

beach, bonfires, and live music... a perfect combination.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I just found your blog. A great way to keep up with my adopted daughter :)

Julie said...

haha! yes it is :) we miss you guys and cant wait for you to get back!!!


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