09 September 2010

thus far

It could be said that I stalk noisetrade.com and that would be very well true. I probably spend too much time browsing music and trying to listen to clips of every possible band there for the chance that I might want to download their freebies and listen to it endlessly. Sometimes I dont have that luck.. but sometimes I find something I love. LOVE. that happen yesterday. meet Thus Far

(from their website)
aaand check out their music: (my new favorite song)

i like this group a lot, their voices the music the lyrics. their music makes me want to grab up some blankets and books and fruit and go sit in a very grassy park and read in the sunshine. well, thats how most things i like make me feel. when something makes me start thinking about parks... i know its a keeper jeje. its going to be playing on repeat at our house for a while :) and so it should be at your house to, especially because you can go to noise trade and download one of their albums, or you can go straight to their website (thusfarmusic.com) and download it there.



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