31 August 2010

snip snip snip

went the scissors, and i wasn't even afraid.

very near to 100% of the time i go somewhere to get my hair trimmed, i walk out the doors hating it. here that number seems to have gone up, since each hairstylist ive met doesnt really care much about what you want so much as about what they can make you look like and how they think what they want to do is the best for you. several months ago i started going to a place to get my hair cut where a friend of mine, and her aunt, had trusted. aaand the first time... went a little wobbly... ok... but a little wobbly. they just couldnt understand that i didnt want the to chop off my hair, that i was trying to grow it out and please just trim it and dont layer it to the max. a little sarcasticly they did what i wanted. the owner ended up coming over and finishing it up.. jeje .

fastforward to the 2nd time i went. i had a picture with me this time. and as i was waiting for the owner to come over and take the lead... he passed me up for a girl that was probably a more regular customer than once every six months or so, and that probably visited him for manicures and chemical hair straightenings and all, more than just a hair cut every six months. so... the girl that settled with me. did not understand me. even though i repeatedly explained, like this picture but not as short and not so layery. fail. i almost got up before she finished because she was about to cut layers past my chin. when she saw the tears on the edge of my eyelids... she... didnt stop. she didnt stop until i almost jumped out of my seat sure to cause a scene (i literally jumped) and said dont you cut another piece! after a day or two i realized the cut wasnt so bad, but it would have been had she not stopped cutting when i almost catapulted from my chair.

the third time i went was not long after that, they did my hair for our wedding. the owner and his wife. i had a really long conversation with them over me not wanting ringlets. because the style was supposed to be wavy... but i know how some hairstylists here like their ringlets. his wife did an excellent job.

then today.... several months later as he pointed out to me when i got there. he said "have you been traveling to the states because youve not been here in a while?" i said uhmm.... (how do you explain that you just dont get your hair cut that often, as often as you should?) so away he went, completely polite, completely not cutting away all of my hair and i, completely content. however ... i did venture into bangs this trip. and when i told him he could make them a little shorter than he had he was a little more than excited that i gave in. and when i told him i was thinking about cutting it shorter for the summer... he showed me exactly how he would cut it if i would let him. to my chin, "a little longer on one side... straigten it with a flatiron to give you a little more of a modern look" my hairdresser thinks i style myself like an old woman. well, we'll see come summer! end of the story... i got bangs and had a great time at the salon... and that never happens. either of those. i actually felt better about myself leaving than when i went it. cant hurt that they wash your hair and give you a 5-10 minute head/neck massage too. jejeje



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