13 September 2010

i have an idea.

i wish i had pictures for this. i wish i could (did) carry my camera with me all the time.

since i started the other teaching job my hours have been random and sometimes super busy other times not so much. ive been teaching familys/individuals/businessmen in their homes or offices. most recently ive been teaching a group of engineers. their company has generators which supplies energy to an electric company here in trujillo when it needs a little extra.

last week as i was standing in the bosses office, on my way out. i spot it. a huge, bigger than ive ever seen or believed to be in existence, light bulb. after a 3 minute conversation with one of the engineers over whether or not it was real, and him trying to point one out through the window... to no avail. the three of us (two students that day) passed around the huge lightbulb all the while practicing "ive got an idea" quotes with the lightbulb held up high beside us. jejejejeje i really wish i had had my camera. or a video camera. priceless.

these classes are growing on me. i was a little weary to start, their company is a little farther than where julton works, on the outskirts of town. but i dont leave too late, and usually an engineer is coming back into town, having finished a shift when im leaving, so they give me a ride back. any opportunity to practice english you know.

apart from getting the ride back... i take a bus out there. its the cheapest way. a taxi would be expensive there and back three times a week. and i could take two different cars but instead i save a little money and take only one bus, which takes longer since it gives you a tour of half the city. i really dont mind. i like taking the buses because you get to see places you dont see on a regular basis. outside the windows, and sitting right next to you. my trips are usually pretty uneventful. until a few days ago when the buses sound system was pumping so loud i couldnt even hear the baby behind me crying. some teenage boys got on and continued yelling at each other competing with the volume of the music, and to top it off a man sat down in front of me (and behind an open window) that reeked of more liquor than i do believe i have every smelled.

but really, usually its not that bad. :) i do however go through a hassle to get OFF the bus. its the same routine every time. since the company is a little far out, and just after where most people get off the bus, and just before another neighborhood where people start to get on, the driver looks at me like im crazy when i tell them where i want to get off. it doesnt help that its a huge white wall with a white door and the only thing distinguishing it is a peruvian flag. so one afternoon when i told the driver let me off near the flag, for whatever reason he didnt understand me and asked me again and i repeated... and repeated and repeated... thinking to myself i know i am pronouncing this right, the rest of the country understands me when i say bandera (flag). the whole bus had stopped all conversation to watch my situation with the driver. and finally when he stopped (at the flag) the bus didnt go anywhere but instead everyone watched me as i walked away as though they were waiting on me to walk back and say it was all a grand mistake! weird.
ive been trying to work on how to make myself less noticeable, blend in, so that its not so easy to tell im a foreigner. but with winter still around... my skins so pale i just dont have a chance.



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