13 September 2010

Roger de T.

lunch: chicken soup w/dumplings that my grandma would be proud of. except that i never get the baking powder ratio right and we almost had chicken soup w/dumplings a la stovetop. still tasty. and julton loved it, although i cant get him to like sweet tea. i guess its a good thing i dont drink it that often either.

white shirts not pre-coordinate. promise. repeated photo taking until Julton smiled, required.

all my life i imagined that one day when i got married... my name would change. i think every little girl in the united states has probably imagined her name sounding one way or another. i never imagined my name eventually being "rogers de tomanguillo" or rogers de anything for that matter. but here we are and my name... has not. technically. changed. and it in a weird way makes me feel like we aren't married. so we've been going through offices and government officials trying to figure things out. i think i just naivly thought that we'd sign the marriage certificate and wah la! name changed. wrooong. so wrong. and everyone has a different story and a different price for how to change it. so officially my name is still as it always was. but im going to be holding onto this recent letter from our church for quite a while since they thought it appropriate to say "de T." even if rogers is spelled wrong. so unofficially im julie ann rogers de tomanguillo. but according to the peruvian government, they dont even know she exists.

the letter, by the way, was about deacon nominations for the church. the nominees are going to go through 14 weeks of once a week meetings to prepare, then the church votes. julton is excited (hes one of the nominees).



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