29 August 2010

a sunday.

taste test day....

in an effort to be healthier people.. we made fruit salad at home today. and in that process we had to make a decision about our topping.... there are many varieties of sweet trigo (smacks, like the cereal) which is what fruit salad is usually dusted with around here. i wasnt quite convinced of the advertising of the one julton chose. (left) actually neither of us had any kind of authority on the topic whatsoever. so we went with his choice and there was a smaller 'sampleish' bag we went with too... taste tests of both cereals on one plate with julton not knowing which came from which bag revealed that my first choice won in the taste category. jejejeje.


on a random note. i have to announce a thank you... to both my husband and to God for putting him in my life. today was one of those days just enough out of the already out of the norm life we are sharing to remind me that hes the tacacho to my juane. (jungle food) today i was a little worn out emotionally/having a hard day. and he was there with open ears, great solid convicting yet encouraging advice, smiles that make you want to smile along, and reminders that im the 'perfect woman for him' and the 'compliment to his compliment' so... all in all i was feeling better than average after that conversation :) thank you Lord for crossing our international paths. its been perfect for my heart.


Gillian said...

I like the cartoon character on the maca trigo...especially because they plagiarized the honey nut cheerios bee on the Honey Flavored Sweet corn. Just saying


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