29 August 2010

eggs. in a bag.

eggs. such simple little fragile things. that always come in such fragility entrusted crates. and never break in between the time you pick them out in the store and start to put them into their homes in your kitchen. never... oh wait...

it happen again.

and again.

and then... again.

most commonly eggs come in little this plastic bags... or little red nets... not nestled safely into their own little crates. well sometimes they do, but those ones are just expensive enough to make me, the buyer facing these two egg options... thinking to myself... sure why not save a little and just buy the ones in the bag. what could happen? splat. careless supermarket checkout chick. crush. careless taxi driver... " no thats okay i will carry this bag, its eggs.. no no seƱorita put them here its okay... " errrr....

i dont know how it happens everytime. but everytime and by everytime i do mean every.single.time. in my 5 month married life that i have bought a little bag of eggs. ive had a goner. im considering investing in the crates... but then what are we going to do with them when we have a bunch of egg boxes laying around? its time to start looking into craft options. if you come to our house and fine an 'artistic' display of egg crates strategically yet whimsically strewn across a wall.. just dont ask questions. you could however conclude that we no longer support careless egg handling.



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