05 August 2010

4 eyes you say?

turns out my eyes are tired. at least thats what the doctor says. actually... im not sure if he was a doctor. but he looked pretty professional with his own glasses and sort of office in the back of a glasses store on the street that has back to back to back glasses stores for a few blocks, all with their own ...doctors. i never stop learning. my headaches have gotten worse recently and i noticed that it would be around the time i started using my computer (which ive been working on more recently). so i said... i think i need glasses again we should go to the eye doctor. (this seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life... i have glasses and i dont then i do and then i dont. maybe i should just stick with them and stop trying to convince myself that i dont need them?) julton said... i think you need glasses we should go to the store. to which i responded.. dont you mean the eye doctor? julton: yeah, the store. me: (completely confused) you mean you dont have eye doctors? what do you do if you need glasses? julton: yes we do, i think there are some in lima, but if you need glasses you just go to the store. me: well..... lets go then.

we were downtown (one the street with all the stores selling glasses) and julton took me first to a store that also is in the malls. well, they had really bright lights and magnifyingly fearful mirrors the combination of which made me want to cringe as i looked at myself in pair after pair of glasses. the guy helping us was not afraid to tell me which glasses were definitely not for me im surprised he didnt just take them off my face. he also kept saying (can i?) and adjusting the glasses on my face. because i like to wear my glasses like a grandma (is what julton said) "we just dont wear them like that anymore julie" .... me: "but I wear them like that..." (besides if i wear them where he and the guy helping us was so insistent about, they get to friendly with my eyelashes. you just cant be a serious eye glasses wearer if your glasses are too close to your eye lashes now can you? well, in the end i felt too pressure with all the lights and mirrors and the pushy assistant. so we left and continued walking down the street. and with luck, the next store we walked in was great. the lights werent so bright and the mirrors werent so scary. and i ended up with a pair of glasses.

and theyve got bling.

i suppose that we could have continued walking and found the same pair without the bling. but i didnt have the energy to search. and the store was sweet to me. ( the girl ran up the street to their sister store to try to find me the same cut glasses without the bling "oh... you want something a little simpler?...hmm" she asked me that with this look of complete surprise. if you look close the lenses dont go all the way to the frame on the outside edges. ooh. edgy. i assure you thats not a mistake, they make them like that. and apparently i buy them like that. julton kept picking out pairs that had frames around the top half but not the bottom.... which is exactly what his look like. and i kept explaining to him that i didnt want to look like his twin.

so, for all of those that get to see me when im working on my computer, or talk to me on my computer, you get to see me in my new specs. sorry for all of you i see in the sunshine. :)

i wanted to share this last picture with you for a few reasons...
1: notice the eyebrow raise to keep the lashes away from the glasses when worn 'appropriately'
2: my hair has gotten long. really long. and wavy. werid. my hair was always so straight that my mom couldnt 'f made it curl with curlers and a curling iron and and a gallon of hairspray if she wanted to. and i think this is the longest its ever been. maybe to the length it was when i first got my short hair cut. my dad would never let me cut my (very) long hair until one day i proclaimed my right to adolescent short hair (regret).
3: notice the coffee cup. theres a couple of things significant about that cup. were moving... tomorrow! surprise! so... ive been boxing up everything this week to take over to the new apartment, and taking out the dishes (like that mug) that the owner first put in the apartment we are in now. and... that mug has coffee in it. yum. well, half coffee and half milk. im trying to be careful. i was always in love with coffee, i still am. it just seems to have fallen out of love with me. i stopped drinking it for a while while i was working at the school because it made me more antsy than normal. since im not teaching at the school anymore i thought it was safe to go back to the coffee.... it thought otherwise. it makes my heart race like we are just falling in love again. julton doesnt think that i should drink caffeine at all, but im trying to be optimistic and drink very weak coffee with lots of milk in hopes of that effect wearing off one day very soon in my future.

other things very soon in my future... we're taking some trips! im excited because with all that bronchitis business a while back my lungs were complaining that it was high time to get out of the city for a while. at least one of the trips are going to be outside the city. next weekend we are going to moyobamba for the weekend to visit with jultons family. goodbye trujillo pollution, hello moyobamba green fresh air jungle goodness! im really looking forward to this. a 13/15ish hour bus ride is worth the fresh air and green grass and rain and sunshine and jungle food.
sadly the trip after that isnt into a fresher place, its to lima which is a bigger city than trujillo. but im looking forward to it. a friend of jultons that he has known for a long time is coming to visit so we are meeting he and his family in lima for a visit. im looking forward to meeting someone that has known julton for a long time, most of his friends here have only known him for 7 or so years, since he moved here for school. i wonder what stories this friend is going to have? :)



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