22 August 2010

its been a terribly long time since ive posted. sorrrrry. im not exactly sure why that is so i really cant give a worthy excuse. ive actually sat down to write several times... and not finished. actually i think ive done that with emails and phone calls and appearances and communication in general recently. so if youve expected an email phone call or appearance from me in recent weeks and ive let you down... at least you know you arent alone? sorry for that. i promise i havent dropped off the face of the earth and im actually doing quite well. perhaps since everyone around here is taking vacation in some form or another my mind slipped into vacation mode along with them without letting me know.

weve been doing really well and have been pretty busy. the move went very smoothly. but its just incredible how much stuff you can pile up in a small amount of time. were on the fourth floor again but have windows facing the city this time, so we can actually see a lot. were still settling down in here, where does this go and that go sort of thing. i like the new apartment for several different reasons, we get to have dinners with Jultons sisters more and just see them more often in general, although we only moved a few blocks technically we are still running into more people that we know, we have a washing machine (yay!!!!) and were going to be painting and adding personal explosion (as julton says) style to our new place since it didnt come predecorated. i might be as excited about the last option as i am about the rest combined...maybe.

we just got back from a weekend trip to moyobamba... which was just great and wonderful and relaxing and all things good and too short. i felt like i could breathe! and other than the string of discos that have accumulated in recent years on jultons families street (really its a ridiculous amount) it was pretty quiet at night. jultons 4 year old little cousin wouldnt even look at me when we first got there.... but after bonding over cartoons we were soon off conquering all things 4 year old wonderment. then he got a little grumpy with me when i disappeared to take a nap... which i did a lot of... which is hard not to do when there are four, no five, people in the household saying just go lie down and rest... after theyve fed you ALOT of (great) food. we ran around on the moto in the day and spent the evenings in the front yard with his granparents and other relatives that happen to walk by. it was jultons first time back in too long, and his first time back as a doctor. so he spent a lot of time off to the side talking with people about this ache and that pain. he liked it. hes in the right field.

we came back with lots and lots of maduros and lots and lots of other moyobamba food. candy and peanuts and peanut butter and snacks and cakes. so now we are spending time trying to get that eaten up and adjusting back into our jobs. Julton has been giving more talks around the clinic or churches to pretty captive audiences recently. One of his first was on the topic of adolescent children and i asked him what experience he had with that that they would want him to speak on it.... but then the most recent was about menopause so.... i said... well, you are the doctor, we'll just leave it at that :)

i think that pretty much wraps up things around here lately... waiting eagerly for spring or summer or anything but this cold weather to get here....

i leave you this sunday with one of my favorite sunday songs. we sang it a lot in the last church i called home in the states before i moved here.

happy sunday! i hope you are having a restful day.



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