26 July 2010

a day of eating

do trips to the grocery store always make you want to eat a lot? someone should do a study.

yesterday was decided to be our grocery store run day.... since well there was basically nothing in our kitchen. unless you are a cilantro fan. which i am. but i like a little guacamole with my cilantro.

so... we usually eat at home after church but well... the bare cupboards have been explained already so we made the executive decision to eat out. wow. it was my first menu in a while, i forgot how much food you get. appetizer...main dish of a meat/veggie (potato) /rice... drink and dessert? we were both stuffed. which ive read is a good way to go to the grocery store. you shouldnt go hungry or you will buy too much.

so we hit up the store then later while julton was cutting up the chicken (see previous post) he requested... french toast. im not sure how you make the move from chicken to french toast... but... well there was french toast for dinner. actually, i wasnt that hungry so julton ate a huge stack of french toast.

then later while watching a movie... me: you know.. im kind of hungry. julton: me too... (hes always hungry) julton: are you thinking about making something? (with a glimmer of hope in his eyes) me: yes....

and i disappeared into the kitchen....

and made potato soup! i think. i mean, all that requires to be called potato soup technically is the presence of potatoes right? so technically all of the soups i make could be called potato soup... hmmm
anyway im really excited about this. i think i had potato soup on my brain because earlier in the day i was talking with my mom about her sending me my grandmother rogers potato soup recipe.
this was not my grandma rogers soup. but i have to say... im pretty proud of it and its going to get made again. i will admit that i was afraid of making potato soup. for a few reasons. if youve never made it before and you have the memory of your grandmothers in your mind... its a little intimidating to take on the task, i mean lets be honest you arent going to just pull the recipe out of thin air. especailly if you are me. and i feared, will it be similar will it be horrible all those comparisons. well. the good thing is julton has never tried my granmothers potato soup. he hasnt in fact tried anyones potato soup. so he had the potential of being a good guinea pig... but when i said i was making soup hes got chickeny brothy soup in his head.
so i weighed all this against my sheer craving for potato soup. -the craving won. i looked at several potato soup recipes on the internet and then just mixed a bunch of them together based on what we had and didnt have in the kitchen (it was late... super... super late). je..je..je. and it worked! so.. if you wanna give it a try...

"Julies every potato soup recipe possible plus or minus a few things wrapped up in one explosion of a potato soup. "

half red onion
2 large garlic cloves
1 1/2 (ish) tablespoons butter
4 strips of bacon

let all of this get happy together in a pot, set the fire on low so the garlic doesnt burn. burnt garlic is not a good thing

once the onions are all clearish and the bacon cooked but not crispy, add two cups chicken stock. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley and about 3/4 can of evaporated milk. salt and pepper to taste. also add two large cubed potatoes. let simmer until potatoes are done and enjoy!

and we did, two bowls each. if that doesnt go against the dont eat anything heavy late at night or you wont sleep well rule then i dont know what does. but we passed out. im not sure if it was because it was so late, or the soup just put us both in a coma. (not the healthiest soup)

on a different note... im still really enjoying the dried cranberries that gillian sent (salad)
and im really content with being able to have time to make my lunch again instead of rushing home at 2:30 famished and ready to eat anything visible.

todays lunch:
left: spinach/boiled egg/dried cranberry/cheese/tomatoes/balsamic vinaigrette
right: tomatoes/garlic/onion/shrimp sauteed in extra virgin olive oil pasta




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