17 July 2010

a week of absence...

ive been gone for a week! well, sort of.

and im sorry to say that i don't really have that many interesting things to make up for it.

last sunday i started not feeling so well in church... thought it was because the place we are currently meeting is a little drafty... which could have played into it... because i went home early... and all but curled up on the couch lifeless. julton nursed me back to what we thought was health, found that i had an infection in my throat and gave me the routine injection ive (not) grown so found of. things were looking good until monday morning. when i wasnt feeling so good anymore. decided to take the day off from work to rest... expecting to go back the next day.... only to find myself in the clinic the next morning instead because i started coughing and coughing and more all through my, jultons and our neighbors sleepless night.

ive had bronchitis this week. well, a form of bronchitis. i dont even really understand it, but some of the five medicines i am on are helping. its been a rough week though. ive felt like a zombie. and thanks to an unbelievable strong migraine i couldnt even surf much on the internet... or sleep for that matter. it was just miserable. i dont recommend this sickness if you want to take some time off work.

yesterday i made my way back to school... still coughing and still not feeling so well. to be greeted with a food festival in the afternoon by all the kids. each class cooked up a dish from a different country (the states had hamburgers.....) and i was met with lots of kids saying miss julie just where have you been and (teachers) oh we thought you were pregnant, its bronchitis? well you must not take care of yourself very well, here tighten up your scarf. hmm thanks. :)

i also found out that this coming week im not teaching english at the school at all... all i have to do is go in and write personal notes for alllll the kids that ive taught so it can go home in their mid year reports (we are mid-year now...hence mid year reports) which sounds easy right? ive got like 70-80 kids. and sometimes i cant even keep their names straight. oh boy.

i would like to thank my wonderful husband for taking such good care of me this week.... being sure to wake me up just in time to give me my morning injection before he slipped off to work ...and coming back just in time to fill me up on more sporade (its like gatorade) which is pretty much the only thing i ate or drank this week.

heres to more interesting things happening in the week that comes to share!



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