10 July 2010

jultons viaje (trip)

as told second hand by the betrothed :)

this past week Julton had the incredible opportunity to go to a conference in Uruguay (side note... sad day today as Uruguay lost to Germany in the world cup today) as you can see in the picture... it was the international christian medical and dental associations world congress (julton... doesnt smile.... often in pictures....its normal, but trust me he was excited)

he spent the week in lectures and discussion groups over topics like science and faith, and met i cant even remember how many different people from all over the world. every time that we talked he listed off countries... this was the group of peruvians at the congress (along with a few from the us)
from my point of view... im really excited that julton got to go through this conference. sure i missed him (weve been through that) but i can see a glimmer of inspiration that wasnt quite as big as it was before he went. he came back with books and magazines and ideas and hopes and dreams, and a million words explaining everything a million miles an hour.

he made a friend from indonesia... whom happen to give him a couple of indonesian pens as gifts for him and his us wife waiting back in peru :)

we couldn't resist.... being puppets... our videos will debut on youtube soon jeje

and ps... it was a lot colder in uruguay... and he did use the scarf :) and was happy to have it... although he says he got lots of weird looks not here in peru but in uruguay...



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