20 July 2010


i wish that i could share with you the beautiful flowers that i saw today. but a las i was of course without my camera.

one of my favorite things about peru (one of many) are the flowers that you find just anywhere. and they are so vibrant and so full of color. pinks and reds and yellows and oranges... and more.

today i was walking to take care of some errands (trying to build up some confidence to conquer the bank/paying bills system for the day) and as i rounded a corner that i round quite often in our neighborhood. i just stopped. because there were these beautiful red flowers hanging over the wall of a house, reaching down just calling to be looked at and admired. so i did. i stopped, looked at an admired them. julton laughs at me sometimes because i just stop dead in my tracks to look at something or when an idea has dawned on me. well today i was alone and no one to laugh, just me and the street and the beautiful flowers hanging over the wall just there.

they were just so red. and just so pretty. and just so worth stopping to take a look at.

and i totally did conquer the bank/bill paying errand day by the way. then i went straight back the way i came so that i could admire those flowers some more :)



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