05 July 2010

truths and facts

~ i love alfalfa sprouts. our love went unattended for far too long. and this week is rekindled. would it be weird to have it with every meal? ...not if youre a vegetarian..... its even a peruvian product! but a little expensive ... comparatively... i could buy a kilo of eggs for less than i pay for 100 grams of them. but its worth it.

~ at least once a week another child "realizes" that i am from the united states and asks me a random question.... today "miss.... do you know michael jackson???" me: no... no i didnt know him, we werent really neighbors.

~ lunches with beautiful sister in laws are wonderful, encouraging, and just good for the soul in general. i had some good girl time this weekend. and i tried out some pad thai on them (with chicken) theyre fans...

~ peanut butter and banana smoothies for breakfast... are more delicious than words can express.

~ veggie food is good. but i miss my husband. even if it means more meat in my life. im okay with that.

the conference is going well for Julton, he says the he is learning so much that it just leaves him wanting to be in silence and prayer.

im happy for him, but i wont lie, i miss 'im. who knew that three months of marriage would get you so attached to a person. :)



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