06 July 2010

plate 3

which is really just a mixture of.... everything. today is teacher appreciation day... we didn't have classes :) and i was in the mood for a big lunch.

aaaand my lovely awesome and wonderful friend Gillian had sent me some dried cranberries in the mail a while ago... and this was the perfect time to use them. So today I lunched on a little bit of everything.... I found a recipe to make hummus on this blog not too long ago. and it has been way too long since i have eaten hummus. i mean.. it was basically the bread of my life... way back when. so i tried it out and... went a little overboard on the garlic... and... started wreaking of garlic... i think it was spilling out of my pores. but it was worth it. the funny this is, the girl writes on her blog that her husband travels and she makes this hummus and its basically the only thing she eats the whole time hes away and she wreaks by the time her husband comes back (early) from his trip. so if i eat enough hummus does that mean that julton is going to show up at the door early? hmmmm

so here it goes :
one hummus friendly sandwich with lettuce alfalfa sprouts bean sprouts tomatoes and onions and queso fresco. check.
one dried cranberry friendly salad with more queso fresco balsamic vinagrette marinated tofu lettus alfalfa sprouts tomatoes onion.... basically everything on the sandwich but the bread :)

and it was tasty. tasty indeed.

on the menu for tomorrow? more hummus of course. :)



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