03 July 2010

plate 2

of this vegetarian experience.

sorry that the picture is blurry. but what we can see here... is my second days dip into being a vegetarian again. (sort of ... and for a while... )

Julton made me smile a lot when we were buying the whole grain pita bread and he asked me three times before we left the store if i was sure that that was the kind of bread i wanted for the week. :)

today i played around with making balsamic vinaigrette and i used an emeril recipe. its delicious. and sitting in the fridge in an old honey jar.

in those pitas you could find.... tofu that i marinated in garlic salt and lime.... cucumbers and tomatoes.... bean sprouts and 'sprouts'.... red onion and avocado... and lettuce. basically... too many things for one (or three) pitas. so once i started to eat it... it all came spilling into thankfully my plate making me decide that from that point on it was necessary to eat it like a salad with pita mixed in. but it was pretty pretty good. with the vinaigrette of course. oh, and its accompanied by papaya juice. of course :)

so if you are thinking about going vegetarian for a meal. i recommend this. and i recommend you eat it with feta cheese if you live in a place thats so blessed as to easily obtain it at an affordable cost.

today i finished up lots of errands.... standing in never ending bank lines... making copies of recipes that moms of friends had given me :D and bounding the recipes that the girls gave me at my despedida (finally) it feels good to have some things accomplished.

Julton made it to Uruguay just fine... (i was a little nervous). He called today won't lie I was pretty excited that I was at home to get the phone call. It's supposed to be a very pretty place... and it sounds like hes going to have more friends than me by the time this is over ..haha... i say that because he was excited about meeting people from a few different countries right off the bat.



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