26 July 2010

this one is for you rach :)

WE love the apron :D

my friend rachel had sent us a wedding gift package a while back... and its gone to good use! we usually buy a whole chicken instead of the parts, which is something for me to get used to... see that little bag at the bottom of the photo?... with all the parts in it?... from the feet to the heart to the neck and head i mean... everything comes along. at least they are in a bag. well the good part is that julton knows how to cut it all up, so i really dont have anything to do with the process besides packing away the neatly cut/skinned/de-boned (for the most part, julton informed me yesterday that the way i like the chicken (breasts) without bones is stressful... apparently its difficult to remove -all- the bones... especially when you are used to just eating around them)

so, thanks rach, for the apron... it keeps julton free of chicken .... the rest of the kitchen though... is another story. do they make aprons for the whole kitchen?


Rach said...

Yay!! I love that you are putting that apron to good use :) I am also impressed with Julton's cutting ability...deboning chicken is hard work! Miss and love you!


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